• RCEA has high expecations for our students, and it is important to commend those students that have demonstrated efforts above and beyond what is expected of a cadet.  It is for this reason that we recognize students for their achievements each month. Students are recognized for their effort and presented with a Certificate of Award at formation.  The entire student body is assembled, along with staff, and often family members of the cadets who are being presented with awards.  Cadets may also be advanced in rank meritoriously. The categories are Student of the Month (SOM), Citizen of the Month (COM), Most Improved Student (MIS), and Leader of the Month (LOM). 

    Here is the list of the winners of this school year.



    • SOM - Marie Sambrano
    • MIS -  Jasmin Nieblas Garcia
    • COM - Freddy Davila


    • SOM - Allyssa Olmeda
    • MIS -  Anthony Gaytan
    • COM - Brian Nieto-Felix


    • SOM - Dianna Delgado
    • MIS -  Cynthia Beltran
    • COM - Naylea Torres-Gallardo


    • SOM - Anthony Garcia
    • MIS - Anthony Santiago
    • COM - Anthony Gaytan