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    One of the most important tools for academic success is the ability to keep materials and assignments organized. One way to accomplish this goal is through a neat, complete, and organized binder.  The AVID binder is a requirement for every AVID student, and they should always have their notes and assignments with them to make good use of any free time during school. In the AVID Elective, binders are evaluated and graded regularly. Students will receive a specific list of requirements in the AVID Elective that may include:

    • Minimum supplies - pencils, pens, highlighters, colored pencils, erasers, ruler, extra paper
    • Agenda/calendar - completed daily with assignments for all classes, due dates, and time allotted for other activities outside of school (ex. homework, athletics, work)
    • Sections - each academic class is separated by dividers and includes daily notes or a learning log
    • Handouts and returned work/tests are in appropriate academic sections
    • Notes are completed using the Cornell Notes format
    • AVID section - tutorial forms, binder checks, college information, and other AVID curriculum