Core Befiefs

    Core Beliefs


    The Riverside County Education Academy is a unique educational experience for youth who have not performed well in a traditional educational setting. The combination of intensive highly focused quality learning opportunities with rigorous and demanding regimen of self-discipline demanded in a military environment insures that every cadet will have the opportunity to succeed.  The Riverside County Education Academy believes that every cadet and recruit has within themselves the potential for leadership and service that will benefit our society as a whole. Activities and training opportunities at the Riverside County Education Academy  focuses on developing our cadets as leaders who excel at all levels of responsibility


    Mission Statement Statement

    The mission of the Riverside County Education Academy is to educate train and inspire the Corps of Cadets so that each cadet becomes a leader of character relying on the values of honor, courage and commitment as a way to live a meaningful and productive life as a member of our community











    Education Code section 200et seq. is a comprehensive statutory scheme which prohibits sex, ethnic group identification, race, national origin, religion, and mental or physical disability discrimination in education. Section 200 et seq. also bars discrimination of any basis that is contained in the prohibition of hate crimes under Penal Code section 422.6, subdivision (a). The provisions of this law are applicable to all educational institutions located in California which receive or benefit from state financial assistance or enroll students who receive state financial aid.  Education Code 47600 et seq., is specifically referenced in the Charter School Application approved by the Riverside County Board of Education in Section II. Students to be Served.  All students may apply and be served.  RCEA is open to all students. 
    WASC accredited