•  Our Vision

    Honor Roll ceremony  
    The Riverside County Education Academy is a unique educational experience for youths who have not performed well in a traditional educational setting. The combination of intensive highly focused quality learning opportunities with the rigorous and demanding regimen of self-discipline demanded in a military environment insures that every cadet will have the opportunity to succeed.
    RCEA operates on the values of honor, courage and commitment as detailed in the Statement of Corps Values. RCEA further believes that every cadet and recruit has within themselves the potential for leadership and service that will benefit our society as a whole. Activities and training opportunities at RCEA focus on developing our cadets as leaders who excel at all levels of responsibility. First and foremost among the skills of being a good leader is being a good follower and RCEA recognizes the value of both follower and leader. 
    Community service is one of the hallmarks of RCEA both as a means of creating a positive identity and recognition in the community, but also as away of developing in our future leaders an understanding of the importance of service. Cadets and recruits serve their communities in a wide variety of ways including but not limited to, participate in civic celebrations and events, assisting charitable organizations through fund-raising or direct service, and assisting surrounding schools or similar organizations with after school programs available to all.