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Small Classrooms in Action

Students have greater success in smaller classes.  When students are in a small class, the have the opportunity to discuss the material and participate more, which makes class more interesting.  They are also able to receive more individualized support from the teacher.  Research shows that students perform better and have greater academic success in a small class than in an average sized class. 

At RCEA we maintain a low student teacher ratio of 24:1 in the core classes.  Additionally, some elective classes, like AP courses, have an even lower ratio.   Because teachers instruct fewer students in their courses, they are able to provide extra help and guidance.  They are available to communicate with students and families and provide feedback on student progress.

RCEA is currently accepting applications for enrollment for the 2018-2019 school year.  Come in or contact the office at 951-421-8450 for more information on our program.